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Felszerelések, akciók, készletek



Felszerelések, akciók, készletek

Készlet kisöprés, új és használt felszerelésekre. Hatalmas akciók!

Árlista letölthető a képekre kattintva.






Milyen felszereléseket próbálhatsz ki a Surf Core-nál?

Elkötelezett hívei vagyunk a Loftsails vitorlamárkának, amely kitűnően fogja be a legkisebb szelet is, rugalmas, könnyű, kényelmes és tartós. Nem hiába hívják a "Lélegző Vitorlának", hiszen könnyed használattal éri el a maximális teljesítményt. 

Ha a legjobb profi deszkát keresed, az egyik legjobb választás a Patrik Diethelm, melyről szinte beszélni nem is lehet: ki kell próbálni.

Minden évben azok a felszerelések, amelyeket bérbe adunk eladásra is kerülnek, folyamatosan cseréljük a vitorláinkat és deszkáinkat. Sokan bele szeretnek egy-egy használt darabba, hiszen kipróbálva a tökéletes élményt találják meg benne.

Miért fontos a kiváló felszerelés?

Több tíz órát tudsz spórolni azzal, ha a megfelelő szörffelszereléssel tanulsz szörfözni és ha profi oktatót választasz a tudás elsajátításához. Az elején nagyon gyorsan fogsz fejlődni nálunk, ezért értelmetlen kezdő felszerelést vásárolni, ami rövid idő után csak hátráltatna. Amikor már elérted a középhaladó-haladó szintet és nagyjából ugyanazzal a 2 vitorlamérettel és deszkamérettel hasítasz a vízen, akkor érdemes vásárolnod felszerelést. Addig bízd magad ránk!

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Loftsails began as ‘The Loft’ in 1999, developing original sail designs for the product year 2000. The American Windsurfer 2000 sail tests on Maui were the first magazine evaluations of sails from The Loft. The O2 and Lip designs 2000 were ranked #1 & #2 in the 2000 AW tests. Monty was the designer, proto and pattern maker and commercial manager for Loftsails from its birth in 1999 until 2009.


Under Monty’s 10-year management The Loft grew worldwide to the point where an expanded staff was needed. In 2009 Monty released Loftsails commercial works to a partner. In 2010 Multigliss, France, took over Loftsails global distribution.


The Loftsails name, which was the website name for The Loft since 2002, was adopted as the company name in 2011, when the 3-blade ‘turbine’ logo – inspired by Tarifa’s wind mills – was also adopted.


A milestone year for Loftsails. Equipe Trading NL became the new brand management, manufacturing and distribution partner of Loftsails worldwide.

2015 was also the year when Loftsails Research and Development team (R&D) team was re-established in Tarifa. Fernando Martinez and Ramon Pastor are now working as Monty’s core team to test Loftsails designs in Tarifa, providing the basis for development, and ensuring a successful future for Loftsails.

Loftsails enjoys distribution worldwide and is tested in most major windsurfing magazines. Loftsails is a windsurfers’ company, dedicated to the development of original windsurfing sail designs with top quality – both in performance and manufacture.

A Loftsails vitorlák tesz győzelmei

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The time is right for another way.

What do we really need and what do we really want? We asked the right questions first, and fully armed with crystal clear design objectives set to work with the best design team for the job. The result :- we believe a truly purposeful, concise sail range with everything we need , bags of WINDRANGE, hard as nails DURABILITY, EASY to SET UP, EASY to TUNE, gimmick free with bang on PERFORMANCE and a massive dose of ATTITUDE!

Windsurfers are alive with Attitude, universal and binding, defined through persistence, emotion, injury, and the euphoria of it all. That’s what we get, the importance of the right things, really great performing sails that go with reliable affordable masts that look sharp and work sharper.

We are passionately proud that our first line of Attitude sails is founded on these principles to offer a real choice... We would like to say big thanks to all the real windsurfers who have provided the DNA for this exciting project, and brought Attitude sails to life.

Intelligently designed toughly engineered alive with attitude.

Like we said, it’s time we changed.


Patrik Diethelm boards

Patrik Diethelm boards

Shaped from over 25 years of technical expertise, DEDICATION AND PERFORMANCE, PATRIK is far more than just another name in windsurfing. From humble beginnings as shop customers themselves to high-profile brand employees and World-Tour professionals, Patrik and Karin’s move to founding their own brand in 2010 was simply a natural progression. Today many of windsurfing’s finest products sport PATRIK’s name and the brand remains dedicated to delivering unique products and providing personal service.



Each individual board is analysed according to its range of use before being individually crafted to the strict parameters Patrik and Karin set in the latest, carbon composite materials. Testing is a continual process with millimetre refinements made and new products produced before the final shapes are approved for production. Constantly pushing the limits, Patrik’s shapes lay claim to over 50 world championship titles, 9 world records and countless national victories. They can also boast an incredible strength to weight ratio – maintained regardless of cost – offering riders a truly balanced board.


Throughout Patrik’s life as a shaper he’s always offered a complete range of boards to suit every discipline and the worldwide results in both competition and magazine tests have proven his limitless skills. Few shapers have been able to maintain the same versatility, to such a high standard and as a result most brands have had to sacrifice some of their lines. Offering models for every discipline, PATRIK is dedicated to covering the needs of the entire sport.


A trend always takes its own course. To follow it is a race against time, which inevitably leads to a change the following year. The history of the PATRIK brand has proven that they won’t just replace models for the sake of marketing. Instead, their development is pushing for long lasting constructions with advanced shapes where your investment will pay back with lots of good memories over the years. Couple this with the monochrome ‘bionic graphic’, which gives the PATRIK boards their unique neutral look and matches every sail, and you have a timeless piece. To maintain brand identity with minimal focus on fashion, graphical changes are kept to a minimum on all new products released.


Unlike many high-profile windsurfing brands, when you buy a PATRIK board, you’re not buying marketing hype, you are buying a piece of knowledge and experience from Patrik and Karin themselves. And, it is this personal touch that you can trust. Patrik: “We aim to educate our customers so they know exactly what they’re buying. One of our main priorities is to prove the quality of our products in order to build a trusting relationship with every single customer. Not only do we explain the range of use and the benefits of our products, but we also fully describe why and which materials we use to construct each individual board.”


The deep-routed philosophy of a brand and the products it produces are often a reflection of the characters who put their heart and soul into it on a daily basis. What could be better than having the founders, owners, business director, manager, designer, shaper, testers, etc., of a brand feeling the same way as their customers? PATRIK is the only brand where all of the product models are 100% inspired, designed, shaped and tested by the same person. Patrik’s passion for the sport drives his endless quest for constant improvement and performance is the outcome of his hard work and dedication. Karin, the most successful female windsurfer to ever walk the planet is not only the brains behind sales and marketing at PATRIK, but is also here to ensure you, the customer, get exactly what you want, when you want – who could be better placed to support you than one of windsurfing’s greatest professionals…


Patrik leaves nothing to chance. Every possible outcome must be evaluated and every question answered. This inquisitive nature is something that can be traced all the way back to his roots and hasn’t changed to this day. His constant quest for a solution leaves him brainstorming in the most unusual of situations and testing new concepts immediately, regardless of the consequences, which often go down as another experience in the search of brilliance. Karin’s knowledge of windsurfing is second to none. Her exciting career, which spans two decades, has taken her from windsurfing instructor to multiple world title holder in every discipline. She has extensive experience of what works best for different conditions, sailor types and equipment combinations and can therefore help customers with crucial advice and tips to make the most out of their time on the water.




King fins produces high performance carbon fins for formula and slalom windsurfing. All design prototypes have been extensively tested since the first prototype made in 2009. After a long period of constant improvement great performance of our fin design was confirmed by our team riders. The innovative new shape is finally introduced.

Advanced composite materials are used in fins production followed by a precise temperature-time post-curing process. The fiber layup and orientation is optimized to offer the required flexural properties, maximum torsional strength and controlled vertical lift to fly the board above the water.

The research and development team consists of high-level designers. To make the fins, you need technicians, testers and a flawless organization to handle the test campaigns!

Over 400 fin prototypes are created each year, and we are continuously trying to improve the performance of our fins, working in close relationship with the best windsurf brands out there. This exchange of valuable information will help us develop this sport.

You, as a user of Select fins, will benefit from these relationships, as we can give very accurate advice on the use of our products, on almost all the brands on the market and in each program.

Our development headquarters are based in the Netherlands, which is an interesting country because of its wind statistics and number of riders addicted to speed surfing, and also because of the many windy lakes without chop around the country. For a genuine analysis of fin behaviors, GPS windsurfing was born in the Netherlands. The biggest community of riders addicted to speed is in this country. The daily confrontations between riders instantly enable the equipment to progress! Men are key to the handling of those projects!









Our Philosophy

‘The feeling of being out on the water on a stand up paddle board is like floating on air.’ Alan Xu, Founder of Shark SUPs

We believe that stand up paddle boarding is an experience, and everything we do is dedicated to making it more enjoyable, affordable and accessible for everyone.

What We Do

We design and build the highest quality inflatable stand up paddle boards (SUPs) in the world. To us, it’s about much more than what the board looks like. The design, quality, performance, durability and ease of use are all part of what makes the stand up paddle boarding experience more fun and enjoyable for the people who own or rent our boards.

Of course, our boards look good too! We use the most advanced printing technology on our boards and a unique slicing process on the deck pad or traction pad to preserve the surface and avoid color peel off, even in the harshest conditions.

Our SUPs come in a wide range of styles and sizes, and we’re constantly innovating with new designs and new uses like our Yoga SUP and our gigantic Whale SharkSUP, as well as making continual improvements to our traditional stand up paddle board lines. 


Eladó használt cuccok

Használt felszerelések

Eladó használt cuccok

Használt felszerelések


Itt megtalálod a Szörfbázis használt szörfcuccainak listáját, amit eladásra kínálunk.

Javasoljuk, hogy hívj fel bennünket, hogy szakmai iránymutatással a számodra tényleg megfelelő és szükséges cuccokat tudd kiválasztani.

A lista nem teljeskörű, ha valamit nem találsz, az nem jelenti azt, hogy nincs nálunk.

Varga Gábor minden kérdésedre válaszol és segít: +36 70 433 9992




használt vitorlák

Évjárat Márka - típus Méret Állapot Ár Készlet
2015 Nautix RIG 1.5 használt 40,000 Ft Raktáron
2014 Loftsail Advance 2 javított 20,000 Ft Raktáron
2014 Loftsail Advance 2.5 használt 20,000 Ft Raktáron
2018 Unifiber Experience RIG 3 újszerű 65,000 Ft Eladva
2018 Unifiber Experience RIG 3.5 használt 68,000 Ft Raktáron
2014 Loftsail Advance 4 használt 20,000 Ft Eladva
2016 Loftsail Airscape 4 szép állapotban 80,000 Ft Raktáron
2017 Loftsail Windscape 2017 4 újszerű 69,000 Ft Raktáron
2016 Loftsail Airscape 4.4 szép állapotban 83,000 Ft Raktáron
2014 Loftsail Advance 4.5 javított 22,000 Ft Raktáron
2017 Loftsail Windscape 2017 4.5 újszerű 79,000 Ft Raktáron
2017 Loftsail Windscape 2017 4.5 újszerű 79,000 Ft Raktáron
2010 Loftsail LipWave 4.7 alig használt 51,000 Ft Raktáron
2016 Loftsail Airscape 4.8 szép állapotban 86,000 Ft Raktáron
2010 Gaastra Freetime 5.0 használt 15,000 Ft Raktáron
2017 Loftsail Windscape 2017 5.1 javított 75,000 Ft Raktáron
2017 Loftsail Windscape 2017 5.1 javított 75,000 Ft Raktáron
2018 Loftsail WaveScape 2018 5.4 újszerű 138,000 Ft Raktáron
2016 Loftsail Racing Blade 5.6 szinte új 150,000 Ft Raktáron
2009 Loftsail 360 Free 5.8 használt 20,000 Ft Raktáron
2017 Loftsail Windscape 2017 5.8 újszerű 85,000 Ft Raktáron
2018 Loftsail Oxygen 2018 5.8 újszerű 135,000 Ft Raktáron
2018 Loftsail Oxygen 2018 5.8 új 146,900 Ft Raktáron
2012 Loftsail Oxygen 2012 5.9 használt 48,000 Ft Raktáron
2012 Loftsail Concept 6.2 javított 23,000 Ft Raktáron
2018 Loftsail WaveScape 2018 6.2 újszerű 145,000 Ft Raktáron
2018 Loftsail Oxygen 2018 6.3 használt 139,000 Ft Raktáron
2018 Loftsails Oxygen 6.3 új 151,125 Ft Eladva
2009 North Sails Ram 2009 6.3 szép állapotban 40,000 Ft Raktáron
2017 Loftsail Windscape 2017 6.5 javított 79,000 Ft Raktáron
2000 Pacifik Beam 6.5 használt 12,000 Ft Raktáron
2009 North Sails Natural 6.6 szép állapotban 30,000 Ft Raktáron
2010 Loftsail O2 6.6 javított 59,000 Ft Raktáron
2018 Loftsail Oxygen 2018 6.8 újszerű 145,000 Ft Raktáron
2016 Attitude RMP 6.8 javított 58,000 Ft Raktáron
2009 Loftsail blade 2009 6.8 használt 35,000 Ft Raktáron
2018 Loftsails Oxygen 6.8 új 154,375 Ft Raktáron
2018 Loftsails Racing Blade 2018 7.0 újszerű 199,000 Ft Eladva
2016 Attitude Hornet 7.2 javított 69,000 Ft Raktáron
2016 Attitude Hornet 7.2 javított 75,000 Ft Raktáron
2011 Loftsail Switchblade 2011 7.3 használt 40,000 Ft Eladva
2012 Loftsail Switchblade 2012 7.3 használt 60,000 Ft Raktáron
2018 Loftsails Oxygen 7.3 új 158,925 Ft Raktáron
2009 Loftsail Blade 7.5 használt 69,000 Ft Raktáron
2018 Loftsails Skyscape Foil 7.6 újszerű 169,000 Ft Raktáron
2016 Attitude Hornet 7.8 javított 79,000 Ft Raktáron
2018 Loftsails SwitchBlade HD 7.8 új 206,375 Ft Eladva
2008 North Sails Ram 2008 7.8 használt 35,000 Ft Raktáron
2016 Attitude RMP 8.4 javított 70,000 Ft Raktáron
2016 Attitude RMP 8.4 szinte új 125,000 Ft Raktáron
2017 Loftsail Switchblade 2017 8.5 javított 115,000 Ft Raktáron
2009 Loftsail blade 2009 8.5 használt 35,000 Ft Raktáron
2009 Loftsail Blace 2009 8.5 használt 35,000 Ft Raktáron
2018 Loftsails Oxygen 8.5 új 165,100 Ft Raktáron
2018 Loftsails SwitchBlade 8.5 új 196,625 Ft Raktáron
2016 Loftsail Racing Blade 2016 8.6 használt 99,000 Ft Eladva
2010 North Sails Warp 2010 9.0 szép állapotban 45,000 Ft Raktáron
2005 North Sails Warp F2005 11.0 használt 35,000 Ft Eladva
2011 Loftsail BlaceFR 2011 11.8 új 50,000 Ft Eladva
2014 Loftsail BlaceFR 2014 12 újszerű 85,000 Ft Eladva

használt deszkák (SUP-ok)

Évjárat Márka - típus Méret Állapot Ár Készlet
2010 Kona Edge 10' használt 59,000 Ft Raktáron
2010 Kucséber SUP Kona copy 10' használt 59,000 Ft Raktáron
2018 SHARK WINDSUP 10" új 224,000 Ft Raktáron
2018 SHARK All-round 10" új 169,000 Ft Raktáron
2018 SHARK touring 10,6' újszerű 149,000 Ft Raktáron
2018 SHARK touring 10,6' új 169,000 Ft Raktáron
2018 SHARK touring 10,6' új 169,000 Ft Raktáron
2017 Reptile felfújható sup 11' alig használt 85,000 Ft Raktáron
2018 SHARK windsurfing 11' újszerű 225,000 Ft Raktáron
2018 SHARK windsurfing 11' újszerű 225,000 Ft Raktáron
2018 SHARK windsurfing 11' újszerű 225,000 Ft Raktáron
2017 Tambo windsup 11.3' szép állapot 175,000 Ft Raktáron
2018 SHARK touring 11,8' új 179,000 Ft Raktáron
2018 SHARK touring 11,8 ' újszerű 179,000 Ft Raktáron
2013 RRD windSUP merev 11'8 használt 80,000 Ft Raktáron
2013 RRD windSUP merev 11'8 használt 80,000 Ft Raktáron
2018 SHARK touring 12"6' újszerű 188,000 Ft Raktáron
2018 Shark Race 12.6' újszerű 199,000 Ft Raktáron
2018 SHARK Family SUP 13"6' szép állapot 199,000 Ft Raktáron
2018 SHARK Family SUP 13"6' új 223,000 Ft Raktáron
2018 Patrik f-race 110L újszerű 299,000 Ft Raktáron
2018 Patrik f-race 120L újszerű 299,000 Ft Raktáron
2014 Surf core 124 l használt 125,000 Ft Raktáron
2014 Surf core 124 l használt 135,000 Ft Raktáron
2014 Surf core 124 l használt 125,000 Ft Raktáron
2016 Surf Core karbon-bazalt 128L újszerű 165,000 Ft Raktáron
2016 Surf core 130 l újszerű 155,000 Ft Raktáron
2014 Exoset 130L felújított 150,000 Ft Raktáron
2016 Kucséber Slalom Szines 135l használt 165,000 Ft Raktáron
2018 Patrik f-ride 135L újszerű 299,000 Ft Raktáron
2018 Patrik f-race 140L újszerű 299,000 Ft Raktáron
2016 Starboard go 144 l használt 155,000 Ft Raktáron
2015 Surf core 145 l használt 100,000 Ft Raktáron
2002 F2 X-Speed 145L használt 60,000 Ft Raktáron
2018 Patrik f-ride 155L újszerű 299,000 Ft Raktáron
2018 Patrik f-ride 155L újszerű 299,000 Ft Raktáron
2015 Starboard Rio 175 L sérült 160,000 Ft Raktáron
2005 Starboard Start 220 l használt 50,000 Ft Eladva
2005 Starboard Start 220 l használt 50,000 Ft Eladva